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Customer Story - Boiler Installation PO6

A customer recently called us up about a problem with their boiler near Cosham, PO6. They filled us in on their issues: their shower was often cold and their water pressure was low. When this happens, we want to know the details about what is going on so that we can gather enough information to know whether this boiler is in need of a repair, or if a new boiler needs to be installed.

In this scenario, their boiler was old. They had never had a new one since moving in 20 years ago and it sounded like the problem was getting worse and worse. It had been “repaired” a few years back but the problem was clearly not fully resolved. Sometimes, no repair will fix an old, unreliable boiler. We went to survey their boiler and home so that we were certain that an installation was necessary, and to see what sort of boiler would be best for their house.

They wondered about the different types of boilers that we dealt with and the prices. We offered them a range of different choices and told them how much each would cost. Because they were a family of 5, we suggested a combi boiler. When financially possible, we always recommend a combi boiler as their technology is most efficient and they are known for being reliable. We removed their old, conventional boiler and had their new one fit in. We installed the boiler straight away and provided them with information.

The family were happy with their higher pressure shower, and found the hot water reliable; even when they all showered in the morning!

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Jun 05

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