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Our brands for Boiler Installation Portsmouth 

When you have a broken boiler, sometimes getting a boiler repair is not enough and you have to get a new one installed. 

There are now so many boiler brands to choose from that making this decision of which to choose can be difficult. This is why we thought we would provide some information about the different brands we work with. 

  • Worcester Bosche are a longstanding British fas and heating manufacturer that has been heating your homes since 1996. 

  • Since then, they have become a well-known boiler company installating top of the range boilers. Their wide range is why we love working with Worcester Bosch

  • Getting a Worchester Bosch boiler installation in Portsmouth means that you are getting a top of the range boiler installed; one that you can trust to last for a long time. 

  • Their combi boilers are the most popular choice for their technological advancements and small size. This makes it perfect for any home.

  • At IFix boilers, we have extensie knowledge in regards to Worcester Bosche boilers, so are efficient at carrying out boiler servicing when the time comes. 

  • BAXI have been manufacturing in the UK since 1866. At IFix boilers, we are proud to install these well-established boilers into your homes. 

  • Choosing BAXI for your Portsmouth boiler installation is a great option as they’re simple yet technological design is easy to install and service.

  • They make a selection of boilers including Combi boiler, Heat only and system boilers. So, whatever boiler you are looking for for your installation in Portsmouth, they are a good option for you. 

  • Honeywell Home are a leading supplier fo domestic heating and combustion controlls in the UK. They have an extensie range of heating technoloiges from advanced combi boilers to time and temperature controls. They strive to make home heating as efficient as possible for their customers. 

  • Their extensive range of heating products show their dedication to providing comfort for their customers. They are a trusted brand assured to make heating your home as simple as possible. 

  • For Boiler installations in Portsmouth, Ideal Boilers are another great option. 

  • Founded in 1906, Ideal Boilers have over 100 years of experience when it comes to providing the best boilers. Their 1920 Cookanheat boiler was one of the first British boilers and focused on providing affordable heating to homes. 

  • They pride themselves on keeping up with the latest technology whilst maintaining their rich heritage. 

  • Valliant are a household name when it comes to boiler installation. This is becuase of their professsional reputation. The company has been arounud for 140 years and they are known for pioneering the popular combi boiler 35 years ago.

  • They pride themsleves in being leaders in the heating game, particularly when it comes to renewable technologies being used in households. 

  • Choosing Valliant for you boiler installation in Portsmouth is a great decision; they are a repuable brand who you can trust for long-lasting boilers. 


Our team are all Gas Safety Registered 

What does this mean? 

Gas Safe Register is the official list of businesses who are  registered to work safely and legally with boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances.


It is the law that businesses and gas engineers are on this list. 

Because we are all Gas Safety Registered, we are perfect for your new boiler installation in Portsmouth. 

Gas Safety Register set out to stop illegal boiler installations as well as regularly checking those on the list. Being on this registered list means that you can trust that your service is reliable and safe.


Why is this so important for new

boiler installation?

Being Gas Registered is a legal requirement. 

It means that when you work with a company on this list, they have sufficient knowledge about all things gas and safety. 

You also are assured that the job will be satisfactory, as the Gas Safety Register takes into account the satisfaction of their previous customers. 

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